Building Process

What Does It Include?

Design, Clearing Land, Construction, Driveways, Paths, Garden Beds, Planting, Water Features, Screen Walls, Landscaping, Heritage Facades and Inclusions, and Modern or Contemporary Designs for new or existing homes.

We also meet with you for:
Pre-design, Post-design, Full kitchen design, Cabinetry doors and bench-top selection, Tiling selection, Paint colour and much more.


You can bring your own designs to suit your land or fully design a unique, one-off, individually specified house layout with us, that best suits the piece of land and your requirements. All at no extra cost!

How Much Will It Cost?

This depends on a number of factors, such as size of home, type of land, site reports, specifications and inclusions. Unlike most builders who provide a base cost quote that is later added onto, our quotes include all costs for completing the build with no hidden surprises or extra costs at a later date. Of course, you are more than welcome to upgrade as you go along, amending the quote or the works to reflect your changes!

Whatever your quotation, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best – quality, service and value for money.

How Long Will It Take?

Most of our homes take 6-9 months to build, depending on house size, block difficulty, inclusions and time of year. We use MBA contracts that require a ‘Construction Time Period’ to be inserted, thus giving our clients a duration of time that they can work to.

Can You Build On Difficult Blocks of Land?

This is our specialty! As with any builder who takes care and pride in their work, Elite Custom Homes are knowledgeable enough to create a design that is both economical and in working with the land. We will produce the best result for the owner.

What Sort of Quality Homes Do You Build?

We use the highest quality grades of timbers for our frames, built on site by our highly qualified carpenters. We use minimal spacing of all ‘wall & roof frame members’ to obtain the best structure possible. We provide a high grade of quality to all finishes and work in our homes and our attention to detail is second to no other.